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Tax Management

Helping you keep more of what you make.

 At Upleft, “tax day” isn’t one day in April.  

For assets held outside of retirement accounts, we work year round to help investors keep more of what they make.

Here are just a few of the tax-management tools at our disposal:

Asset Location

An intelligent look at which types of investments are held in taxable accounts versus tax-advantaged accounts

Cost Lot Accounting

Consideration of the cost and holding period of each specific purchase of each investment, not simply the Stock Symbol or CUSIP

Holding Period Awareness

Weighing the pros and cons of delaying an asset sale for potential long-term capital gains treatment

Tax-Aware Transactions

An eye on tax efficiency with each move in your portfolio, be it for a specific event like a distribution or something more common like quarterly rebalancing.

Loss Harvesting

Tax loss harvesting doesn’t just take place at the end of the year.  We look every trading day for opportunities to build a meaningful offset for your taxable gains.