Prosperity on your terms

Prosperity on Your terms

For the best version of your future


Uplift   verb 

To improve the spiritual, social, or intellectual condition; to raise; elevate 

Upleft   noun 

An independent financial firm using intelligent strategies to uplift individuals, families, and communities


Life has countless possible outcomes

Upleft uses intelligent financial strategies to move you towards the best version of your future.

You have achieved your success through hard workdiscipline, and good decisions.  You have a right to collaborate with a financial services firm that applies those same principals to helping you shape your financial future.  While your wealth manager should care for your assets as if they were their own, we believe that they should also never forget that it's your money.  You should expect a relationship where you always know what you own and why you own it.  Our client is always the most important person in any meeting and our commitment is to always act in your best interests. 



The overall fulfillment of your needs can only be achieved through the dependable application of several individual processes.  It is the mission of Upleft to work towards consistent quality in every area that affects our client relationships.


Who We Help

Our commitment to quality care is the genesis of our decision to limit the total number of firm clients.  Upleft will not be the best fit for every investor, and our discipline is to work with only the clients that can receive the greatest benefit from our work.

Experience has taught us that the following types of clients receive the greatest benefit from our work:

Retirees in Distribution

A portfolio built for decades of accumulating wealth is not necessarily the best portfolio for decades of living off of that wealth.  Upleft clients appreciate our approach for converting their assets into a predictable stream of income.  Our distribution discipline only takes a client a few minutes to understand, but takes a great deal of care and expertise to bring to life.  In the end, we are able to show clients an array of possible outcomes and adjust our approach over time to optimize the client experience.

Investors requiring Tax Management

For those in higher tax brackets, the difference between what you make and what you keep can be vast.  For assets held outside of retirement accounts (like IRAs and 401(k)s) we have a long list of tools and techniques to help you keep more of your own money after taxes.  While many of these tactics are effective at any level of assets, the most effective tax management tools can be applied to accounts with over $350,000 in taxable investments.

Highly Compensated Accumulators

These may be entrepreneurs, executives, or other successful professionals.  Each of these profiles comes with a unique set of challenges, be they dealing with stock options, variable compensation, or making sense of a complex set of assets and income streams.  Upleft has tools to address each of these needs and many more.

If you are not sure if you are a good fit, but would like to find out, you are welcome to call 360-850-9713 or e-mail help@upleftfinancial.com.  We believe that there is an ideal advisory relationship for every investor.  If we discover together that Upleft is not for you, it would be our genuine pleasure to refer you to someone who may be a better match for your needs.

Out of intense complexities, intense simplicities emerge.
— Winston S. Churchill

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