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Safeguarding Your Assets

Protection against hazards to your wealth


 We work with a federally chartered limited-purpose savings association to hold client assets.

This organization, SEI Private Trust Company, adheres to many federal mandates, designed specifically to prevent fraud.  Beyond regular internal and external audits, SEI Private Trust Company is subject to examination by the Office of Comptroller of Currency.

As a trust company, SEI Private Trust Company cannot comingle funds for any purpose.  They cannot pledge, lend or margin client assets that are held in their custody.In the event of employee errors and omissions events, SEI maintains an insurance policy to address liabilities relating to such issues.  Beyond this, SEI provides fidelity bond coverage to protect against computer system failures, counterfeit currency, document forgery, and acts of employee dishonesty.

For more information on why Upleft chooses to work with SEI Private Trust Company visit https://seic.com/who-we-serve/individuals/clients-advisors

For information specific to the security of your assets, please read https://seic.com/sites/default/files/SEI-safeguard-your-assets-brochure-adv.pdf